Subassemblies & Display Assemblies

Building on our experience of supplying specialist components and displays, we can take your optoelectronic project or custom display assembly from an idea or concept, through specification, design, prototyping and pre-production into full production.

Optoelectronic and Display Assemblies

At our dedicated Custom Solutions Centre in Weymouth, we can design and build opto and sensor subassemblies to fit your exact requirements. By optimising the design to your priorities – eg peak sensitivity, broadest dynamic range, highest SNR – we can enhance your product capability. Our engineers can access cutting edge components, matched and calibrated for system wide performance, with the option to source, customize or build for optimum functionality without redundant complexity.

Custom Displays

Pacer offers a design and engineering service to provide customisation of displays for end applications. We can help you to integrate your standard or custom display with a touchscreen, pcb, connectors and housings. Within our Weymouth facility, we are able to undertake customisation of display panels, assembly of touchscreens in a class 7 cleanroom environment (with class 5 enclosure for critical builds), assembly of display modules into final housings, production engineering and test & certification.

  • Light source and sensor circuits for
    • Presence detection
    • Distance measurement
    • Concentration monitoring
    • Bubble detection
    • Contamination detection
  • Bore sighting and optomechanical assembly
  • Ranging and aligning to >10km
  • Display screen bonding, touch-screen overlay
  • Full, enclosed optical chain build from source to sensor

Design for manufacturing (DFM) is the practice of designing products such that they are easier and more economical to manufacture. From the start of the design phase, manufacturability is considered and any potential problems are addressed during the design phase – which is much more cost effective than waiting until the unit is closer to production.

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